May 15, 2020

Season 2: Episode 3. ‘Day of the Daleks’ review

Welcome to Progtor Who. The Doctor Who podcast that plays songs to give you a break from the gabbering of grown ups, talking about a children's TV show. Like they do on the wireless.

Bob is your host and on this journey, upon the good ship TARDIS are Craig, Suky and John. 

On this podcast we are reviewing the John Pertwee classic ‘Day of the Daleks’, giving our whatever out of 10, reading out your feedback to the story and voting for this week’s Benni (best host). 

Don’t forget the RAW video is available on our YouTube channel, if you are feeling brave… 

So, sit back and relax like you are in Tranquil Repose and let us ooze on your ears. 

You're welcome x

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